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My name is Clare. Netname is PUSH.
twenty y/o.12|30 is my day. I ♥ Music. KPOP is my genre now. SUJU,SHINee,SNSD,BIGBANG and UKISS are KPOP faves. AdobePS is a lifesaver. PC/Net Craver. Im nice..technically. Im a forumer, blogger, tumbler, graphic artist, tech support. Dream jobs includes Radio DJ, Editor in Chief of a Magazine company and Call Center..I dream big right? HAHA.
*achievement* > CALLCENTER AGENT

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The Iphone 6 is here.

And i still no see any effing difference besides of being big? Ehem Galaxy Note 3 and 4 :3. Sigh its getting tiring reading those comments for those “Bitter Android users” that theyre only stating what is inevitably real because of the fact that we cant afford an iPhone. Again, sigh. I wouldn’t waste 50~60k Php on a phone running on 1810 mAh NON REMOVABLE Battery with 16GB (non expandable) internal being the cheapest ($199) on sale and only sporting 1GB ram, 8Megapixel iSight (?) camera with Panorama function (which also is present on other phone brands). Yes, the processor and the iOS8 must be top notch. But its like having an octacore phone with relatively no use because you only have 16Gig internal space with only 1GB RAM? Want to make the most out of it? Oh add $300 more for 128GB which is a little bit exaggerating to say the least. Good luck filling that up with apps which are mostly PAID apps. Yes of course the platform of both OS and Phones are different but the features that is in this newly born phone is already present with old phones. Again, i dont see a damn difference that would make me excited about this gadget. What saddens me more is the comment i read about us human beings, who shouldnt be comparing iPhones to Androids because of we are merely NERDS who look only at specs? Dear Half assed sir, what the hell do you look for in a phone? Seriously. And you even dared to call us out as a bunch of know-it-alls who doesnt know anything about technology. Oh please enlighten me how your processor will make your life better. Bottom line: i resect those who uses iPhone because yes it is an amazing phone. But its not the greatest out there and stop looking at android users like you see us as a bunch of hobos who doesnt have money. Those people who are saying that, obviously dont have brains either. So there.


Taka on J-Wave, talking about The Beginning single release and his preference for using a wireless mic.* From Dessy's translation here (I paraphrased a bit for clarity, with her permission). Thank you so much, Dessy! Any mistakes are mine.

*can also refer to Taka’s basic feelings about holding a microphone.

The 4th gif.. *dies*

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Just give me a reason, to keep my heart beating. [x]

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ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall

Takahiro Morita~ 

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How I relate to Daria..

I know I am obsessing too much about the show, which i relatively do in every show/movie I watch. But this got me thinking, all the negativity and the anti-social, no friends back in school or no gang/pals to hang with, no boyfriend and all of that crap isn’t so bad after all. I mean, im not exactly a hipster or anything but I’m not a typical teenager who is so optimistic and enthusiastic about world and life that they ignore the inevitable reality that it sucks. Which is what Daria thinks. I’m not saying I’m that smart or I know a lot of things, i relate to her in a way that she may say or act differently or like things that some may not but with probably more influence would accept to give it a chance anyway. I relate to her in a way that I would want to be treated the same way but in a different manner. That I’m not exactly a teeny-bopper teenager who was ever so popular back when I was in high-school but that’s okay. Fitting in will not help you in any way, but standing out sucks even more. So just level the playing field and hope to god that one day life would be over and you can just live in a place full of sunflowers and rainbows which will never happen. I prefer to be alone but would be likely to enjoy attention, I suck at explaining myself but would want to be understood and say things like “im not going to do this, not gonna do that” but would still try thus having no choice at all but that would of course depend on the situation. I don’t know why i didn’t try to watch this before. It’s practically one of the best shows any teenager should watch over Pretty Little Liars and all of those TV series that just focuses on love, and having a sparkly vampire boyfriend (yes, I’m looking at you twilight). Or listening to One Direction, Justin Beiber and that new band that looked like an understaffed version of One Direction named 5 SOS which I would clearly yell out if I have to watch them in a live concert. These bastards wouldn’t give a damn of tough things in life and what the word “Personality” even means. I’m not saying that this show should be named the “National TV series for the troubled youth” but it would surely pull some strings in our young adults. So, I wish they would revive the show and put some senses to the people we call “OUR FUTURE” cause if we just depend them on teenagers like Miley Cyrus (RIP Hannah Montana) then I may not live long enough to even want to see the future. Suicide sounds better than watching these teens in public. I just hope some day MTV would decide to bring this show back than give Jersey Shore (the most stupidest show of all) a new Season. If those people would start giving a crap about reality, please contact me to order tickets and see it beside the ring. 

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Impossible Dream.

Okay maybe not really impossible.. but it has been years since I have declared being a Trainer as a goal in my life and I haven’t really achieved it. Yes, I did get promoted and such but it’s not exactly what i have always wanted or hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, there is something rewarding with what I do but contrary to that, I maybe losing my ways in English words. Yes, we chat with people in English but being able to actually speak or practice speaking is something I’d like to do, to be able to enhance my communication skills (if I even have one). I think I’m getting dumber and dumber in English in general. At this point, I’m not even sure if I can even get a job being a Product or Language Trainer. A lot of people question what I want, I have been told to stay where I am, not leave Workforce or asked why do I still want to be a trainer.. It’s pretty simple. As much as I have said that my current position is rewarding enough, having to share what you have experienced, helping others, meeting people and being able to try to be a leader. I have never been a leader. I suck at it. I’m more of a follower. I guess I never had the courage to be a leader. I want to be able to develop that in me, which is one of the reasons I wanted to be a trainer. I never expect it to be as easy as what I am doing right now (since I’m only sitting and staring at the computer for 8 hours) but it is the kind of achievement I have ever wanted to get since I started working. At this rate, I don’t even know if I can get it. I have tried to apply whenever I see a vacant post, for some reason they don’t even call me or notify me if I am qualified.. I’m not sure if they even consider me or if I immediately get shut down. Is it still as political as it is in the government when you try to make it big in a corporate world? I have already said one of my goal is to earn 30k by the time I’m 24 or 25. Now I’m not even sure… Oh well.


Hermits United! x’D


Hermits United! x’D

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Dear Tumblr,

First of all, you are not helping. It’s been awhile since i have opened my dashboard and here you are posting pictures,quotes and things which literally is channeling all of the feelings i have. Which sucks. 

Thank you, for relatively reminding me of the reality i need to face.



sadly not everyone follows this :(

sadly not everyone follows this :(

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